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Why should I become member

  • Become part of a large and strong ecosystem of private and public organisations engaged in the development and adoption of sustainable digital technologies.
  • Learn about and gain access to public funding opportunities (e.g., European Green Deal Calls) that can help financing the transformation of your business and organisation for the sustainable development of our planet.
  • Learn, contribute, influence and amplify policy and regulatory-driven efforts by participating in dedicated initiatives and debates.
  • Get privileged access to events showcasing green ICT technologies and solutions giving you the opportunity to promote, exhibit, present and learn about digital sustainable development.
  • Liaise and network with major industry players, innovative Startups/SMEs, academic, research and educational organisations, NGOs, public authorities.
  • Get privileged access to knowledge and tools (market studies, technical reports, regulations, green IT resources, etc.) for your organisation to become more environmentally sustainable.
  • Participate in expert workshops, policy-driven discussions engaging top level experts on green digital transformation for the sustainability of our economies and societies.
  • Save our planet! It’s a privilege and opportunity we cannot afford to mis.

Digital for Planet (D4P) members include large industries, SMEs, Startups, research and education organisations, NGOs, public authorities, as well as students and individual persons.

D4P focuses its activities on digital technology and innovation for the sustainability of our planet.

D4P is open to new members to further grow the range and impact of activities pursued to drive and promote the development of sustainable, open, inclusive, trustworthy, verifiable and ethical technologies, systems and solutions ensuring environmental awareness and sustainable development of our economy and society.



Digital for Planet supports digital transformation to empower people, communities and public and private organisations to face social, economic and environmental challenges. Members may include individuals, small and medium sized businesses, public sector initiatives and academia.

Full members

Full members can participate in all the activities of D4P, have full voting rights in the General Assembly and one representative can be elected to be part of the Executive Committee. This membership type comprises large industry, SMEs, Startups, Academia, Research, NGOs, Public Authorities.

D4P full members pay an annual membership fee:

  • Large industry: € 4’500 per year
  • SME / Startup / Academia/ Research / NGOs / Public Authorities: € 1’500 per year

Associate members

Gathering individual persons, students, etc. that can participate in all the activities of the Association including the General Assembly, without voting rights and not eligible to be elected as part of the Executive Committee.

D4P associate members pay an annual membership fee of 250 €.

D4P members abide by all terms and conditions specified in the D4P Statutes and by all decisions taken by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly within the scope of the D4P.

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