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Digital for Planet -D4P- is a non-profit Association that aims to grow a strong network to develop and adopt digital technologies that respect the sustainability of the Earth and that are beneficial to society.

The increasing importance of digital technologies and solutions for the effective performance and growth of our economy and society is undeniable. However, digital transformation also impacts the environment via manufacture of devices and energy consumption by data providers, storage facilities, processors and consumers.  While digital technologies can accelerate decarbonization by allowing dematerialization and online delivery, substitution of transport and travel, as well as greater energy efficiency in production, the ICT sector could consume up to 20% of global electricity by 2025, emitting 5.5% of CO2 emission, besides generating huge quantities of waste (beyond hardware).

Society and ultimately, our planet’s future depends on a growing community of individuals and organisations at work to develop sustainable ICT / digital technologies – and D4P is helping to join forces. Only by mobilising all stakeholders it will be possible to reduce the digital sector’s carbon emissions and use tech for a green transition.

D4P gathers experts and aims to grow this community and empower it, while increasing the positive impact of the many sustainable/green ICT solutions and initiatives that are emerging. We work both with the public and private sectors at national, regional and global level.

We bring together people and organisations that want to bring about digital sustainability. We help you find like-minded people and potential project partners to take your sustainable digital innovation to the next level.

Join the growing community of organisations and individuals at work for sustainable ICT development and adoption and contribute to the development of a digitally empowered and ethically responsible society.


Join us to work for sustainable ICT development and adoption

Contribute to the development of a digitally empowered and ethically responsible society.