Horizon Europe Green Partner

Digital for Planet helps researchers and innovators who work on sustainable digital transition and green ICT convert their unique ideas into impactful projects. We achieve that by identifying the most suitable EU funding opportunities and putting together winning proposals.

Digital for Planet is at the forefront of green digital innovation. By combining a thorough knowledge of several ICT domains with a wide expertise in European research funding programmes, our team is ready to assist you on your Horizon Europe journey.

We can support your initiative through:
Green Research and Innovation Funding

Green Research and Innovation Funding

identifying the right funding call

The Horizon Europe budget is divided amongst three main pillars and numerous clusters and components. Navigating through the newly released programme and selecting the right call for your research initiative can be challenging. Digital for Planet experts are here to help you maximize your chances of a successful response by analyzing your green initiative and helping you select the most relevant Horizon Europe call.

Green Tech Expertise

Green Tech Expertise

Framing your green digital plans for a competitive proposal

To obtain funding, you need more than just an interesting idea and a well-written proposal. With so many organizations competing for limited resources, you need to ensure that your bid offers more – in addition to fulfilling all the criteria, your proposal must be unique and highly competitive. Our green tech experts will share their experience and provide you with specialist advice to help you put together a winning proposal.

Dissemination & Promotion Strategyg

Dissemination & Promotion Strategy

building a communication strategy that earns the attention and drives impact

In today’s highly competitive world, efficacious and credible presentation is key to any project’s success. Even the most brilliant and innovative ideas will not make it if they are not effectively communicated. To maximize the outreach of your project, we will supply it with a unique brand identity and successfully promote and disseminate its outcomes. We will capture the core and essence of your innovation and ensure that all relevant information is timely relayed to your target audience.

EU Research Community

EU Research Community

Connecting you to a wide network of experts

After more than two decades in the innovation market space, we have developed strong relationships with an extensive network of partners across academia, research centers,  businesses, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across Europe and beyond. We will identify and directly connect you with the most suitable partners for your project’s consortium.

Project Proposal Plan

Project Proposal Plan

Adhering to excellence, impact, and implementation, i.e. writing a winning proposal

With a long history of writing successful proposals, Digital for Planet experts will help you maximize your odds for a win by preparing a strong and clear concept for your proposal and tailoring it to strategic goals and expectations of the Horizon Europe programme. Specialized in EU funding and innovation mechanisms and policies, our experts understand the processes that can make your green digital innovation excel and your bid successful.

Do you need support?

Digital for Planet Working Groups focus on four areas of relevance to Horizon Europe clusters and calls.


Green Cloud-EDGE-IoT Computing

Relevant to Digital, Industry & Space Cluster 4, and Climate, Energy & Mobility Cluster 5.

Climate-Neutral and Sustainable Smart Cities Working Group

Climate-Neutral & Sustainable Smart Cities

Relevant to Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society Cluster 2, Digital, Industry & Space Cluster 4, Climate, Energy & Mobility Cluster 5, and also to the Climate-neutral and Smart Cities Mission Calls.

Sustainable Next Generation Internet Working Group

Sustainable Next Generation Internet

Relevant to Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society Cluster 2, Civil Security for Society Cluster 3, Digital, Industry & Space Cluster 4.

Towards Zero Pollution Communication Networks

Towards Zero Pollution Communication Networks

 Relevant to Digital, Industry & Space Cluster 4, Climate, Energy & Mobility Cluster 5, Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment Cluster 6, and also to the upcoming Smart Networks and Services Partnership Calls.


With over two decades of experience in EC funding in ICT domains and a 30% success rate in the Horizon 2020 programme, Digital for Planet is your Horizon Europe green partner of choice.


With a budget of €95.5 billion, Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation. This 7-year programme was launched in 2021 to tackle climate change, help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and boost the EU’s competitiveness and growth.

The Digital for Planet experts have more than 25 years of experience in EU funded projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about Horizon Europe and the possibilities to collaborate on future projects.

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