Green Impact Creation

In the complex scenarios of today’s and tomorrow’s society, technology, economics, policy making and collective social behaviour combine in a whole that can make or break any innovation effort. The scientific, technical, and economical aspects must connect to actions towards institutions, social stakeholders and the public at large; this requires an interdisciplinary toolbox of engagement techniques, methodologies, and co-creation approaches to nurture impact into the project from the get go.

Digital for Planet masters the methods and practices that can unleash the impact of your project and engage all the actors you need to make a real difference.

We create impact for your Green Deal project

The Horizon 2020 funding scheme requires projects to widely communicate and disseminate their results among a broader public audience; this extends to Green Deal calls, in recognition of the importance of impact creation and assessment for the whole program. Digital for Planet helps you boost the impact of your Green Deal and sustainable digital transformation project by identifying the best communication and dissemination strategy.

With years of expertise in communication and dissemination activities of various EU-funded projects, we help you build your Green Deal outreach strategy with specialised management support, expert advice and training, a comprehensive toolbox, and all the materials you need for success.

We help you create impact for your Green Deal project by:

  • Defining your brand & marketing strategy.
  • Creating your visual identity & online appearance.
  • Providing editorial services (e.g., press release & website content writing).
  • Engaging your audience (e.g., social media engagement, community building).
  • Planning, organising, and managing your events.