Green ICT Agenda

It is time to work together on rules and legislation that facilitate the development of sustainable digital technologies. Together with our members, we work on a Green Agenda for ICT to amplify policy- and regulatory-driven efforts that shape the future of sustainable digital technologies

We need to have important discussions within and outside Digital for Planet to structure and shape the themes, the assessments, and the proposals to advance sustainable digital transformation in multiple segments of society. As a member, you can propose and instate special Working Groups to gather interested participants and collaborate with strong focus.

For example, the vision of Smart and Sustainable Cities sits at the heart of a technological, socio-economic, and environmental convergence of challenges and trends, all of which must be considered to assess and regulate the needs, options, and duties of all involved people and institutions. It is with this purpose in mind that a Digital for Planet Working Group on Smart and Sustainable Cities has been initiated in 2020, which you can join and contribute to as a member.

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