Digital for Planet Webinar – Towards Zero Pollution Communication Networks

June 3, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
#EUGreenWeek 2021 Partner Event

green week

The Towards Zero Pollution Communication Networks webinar aims to gather researchers, innovators and policy makers across a number of communities to ensure the development and adoption of eco-friendly advanced 5G/6G technologies to ensure energy efficient, zero pollution communication infrastructures.

5G combines wireless technologies like 4G and Wi-Fi with new computing methods such as network functions virtualization and software defined networking to dramatically speed up communications in large networks of digital devices. Cities can apply these technologies to use scarce natural resources more efficiently. 5G/6G technologies can address air quality and energy consumption by creating smarter transportation management systems.

The advancement of communication technologies may further contribute to the aim of reducing environmental impact through reducing the energy consumption of operating the networks including the use of zero energy devices with impacts across many industries and sectors.

The Towards Zero Pollution Communication Networks webinar is gathering top experts from industry and academia to present and discuss how energy-efficient technologies, mechanisms, and policies must be put in place at several levels to ensure the development of a sustainable and pollution free communication infrastructure that is accessible to both public and private organisations.


14:00h – 14:15h – Welcome and introduction to Digital for Planet – D4P

  • Dr Monique Calisti,
    President D4P, CEO Martel Innovate

14:15h – 14:45h – Keynote speaker

  • Ms. Aarti Holla-Maini,
    Secretary General at EMEA Satellite Operators Association

14:45h – 15:45h – Research Challenges and Priorities – Expert Panel

  • Ms. Monique Morrow, Syniverse
  • Mr. Jim Morrish, Transforma Insights
  • Prof. Alessandro Vanelli Coralli, Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi”, the University of Bologna
  • Mr. Fabio Cartolano, FIT Consulting

15:45h – 15:55h – Sustainable 5G/Beyond 5G Network D4P Working Group

  • Dr Giovanni Rimassa,
    Vice President D4P, CIO Martel Innovate

15:55h – 16:00h – Wrap-up and call to action

  • Dr Monique Calisti,
    President D4P, CEO Martel Innovate