111 Überlandstrasse | 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

The Aims of the D4P Association


In alignment with its mission, the D4P Association is determined to pursue and achieve an organic set of specific objectives:


Boost and support the creation of a global body facilitating dialogue and liaising digital innovators, researchers and policy makers as well as civil society players, media and general audience to create better awareness and stimulate engagement.


Encourage and facilitate the assessment, revision, and adoption of research and innovation results that advance the digital transformation of society while ensuring protection of the ethical, societal, and environmental common good.


Liaise with like-minded associations and individuals of diverse expertise, acting as trusted ICT and Communication partner for them, in order to tackle complex multi-disciplinary challenges associated with innovation and digital transformation at large.


Mentor and advise business entities and public institutions on innovation roadmapping and technology transfer towards sustainable products, services, and business models.


Assist and support policy makers, innovators, and grassroot movements in discussing, disseminating, and creating impact for praiseworthy initiatives through appropriate information and communication events and campaigns.